About us

heymicro is a community of influencers built for collaboration, content creation and relationship building. Our focus is connecting a community of influencers who work together to grow their following, collaborate and work with high quality brands

We ensure our local influencers are compensated for their work. By working with heymicro, you get access to brands looking to expand their reach, just like you're looking to expand your reach.

By connecting local brands with local infuencers, we're able to help both achieve their growth goals.

As an influencer

For now influencers will be paid for posts and in the future, ranted access to early product releases, discounts, promotions and more.

As an influencer you can expect to get experience working with brands, which will be important as your influence grows.

As a brand

You'll have access to a network of local influencers to promote your product too, these local influencers have strong relationships with your target market

You'll have access to user generated content that can be reused in ad campaings, on your own social media, website, etc...


The heymicro was born out of hard working influncers not being properly compensated for their hard work and a Chicago brand working to gain traction